Alarms & Indicators

Fishing tackle designers are continually pushing the boundaries with new products like these new Alarms and Indicators appearing all the time. At Summerlands Tackle we combine our knowledge and experience with Carp Fishing Tackle from the top fishing tackle companies including Avid Carp, Korum, Delkim and Shimano all at terrific prices plus express shipping. We also stock a large range of game, sea and match fishing tackle. For more information on any fishing tackle product like the latest Alarms and Indicators just phone or email Summerlands. Remember for quality game fishing tackle at the cutting edge of angling it has to be Summerlands Tackle.

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  1. Avid Bobbin Kit.
    Avid Bobbin Kit.
    Special Price £9.24 RRP £9.99
  2. Delkim Black Box.
    Delkim Black Box.
  3. Delkim Digital Receiver
    Delkim Digital Receiver
  4. Delkim DuoCarb
    Delkim DuoCarb
  5. Delkim ES Indecation Set
    Delkim ES Indecation Set
  6. Delkim Txi-D
    Delkim Txi-D
  7. JRC Kurve Indicator System Sets
    JRC Kurve Indicator System Sets
    Special Price £36.99 RRP £39.99
  8. Korum KBI Bite Alarm Presentation Set. In Stock & Ready to Ship.
    Korum KBI Bite Alarm Presentation Set. In Stock & Ready to Ship.
    Special Price £58.00 RRP £79.99
  9. Stow Complete Indecators
  10. Stow System Bar
    Special Price £13.19 RRP £14.99
  11. Stow System Hockey Stick
    Special Price £7.20 RRP £7.99
  12. Stow System Overweights
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