How to catch the famous Westward Ho! Wild Sea Bass? Here are just a few basic tips that may just help you in your quest for these, the most prized and sought after of all the UK's inshore salt-water fish The first thing to remember is that they like shallow water and love to swim and play in the waves so do not try to cast too far. It is best to fish in the early morning or evening after sunset. Westward Ho! Beach is a classic North Atlantic storm beach where the waves of the North Atlantic come crashing onto the shore, these beaches have always been famous as the haunt of the big Bass. No one knows why they spend their lives in the waves, for there is little natural food off Westward Ho! Beach, but the bass are there and in great numbers at times. If you want to see a Bass swimming in its natural environment walk to the water’s edge at sunset, look through the curling waves towards the setting sun and you may be lucky enough to see this powerful fish swimming through the curl. There are endless theories on catching Bass but there is no doubt in my mind that the simple approach is usually best, the most effective technique may vary slightly from day to day depending on the conditions. Remember all Bass 42cm or less must be returned unharmed to the sea. It is illegal to take undersize Bass your catch limit is